March Air Control is a manufacturing company which provides industrial-quality dust collection solutions in western Canada. We offer a full range of equipment supply, professional design and installation services to accommodate all your dust control needs.

Our cost-effective and reliable systems provide you with maximum flexibility both in the initial sizing of equipment and in the future upgrading of system capacity, all with minimal disruption to your production during installation.


Extend the life of your equipment by:

Countering the effects of clouds of dust or smoke composed of fractured grit, metalscale, rust, hot slag, surface coatings, glass, fibergalss, composites, fluxes, wood, chemical & pharmaceutical packing dusts, welding and plasma cutting, and whatever else is producing your dust or smoke.

...and reduce or eliminate potential fire hazards with:

Explosion venting, spark detection and extinguishing, fire monitoring and extinguishing, HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance) Filters, and abort gates on clean air return (when heat recovery is desired).